Young Adult Panel - Hosted by Guy Kawasaki

Paul Kedrosky is correct, the topic and content of this panel discussion are fascinating. In addition to Kedrosky's take-aways, here are some of my own:

  • Context Determines Device
    • School/Work:Laptop
    • Games:PC
    • Communication:Mobile Phone
  • Text messaging is the most frequent mode of communication for teens when they're not sitting in front of a computer in which case IM is the hands-down favorite (see below)
    • Kids text message, adults e-mail
  • IM is the most frequent mode of communication for teens that are in front of a PC
    • IM is always on
  • Social Networking Sites
    • Primary benefit is to connect and stay connected
    • Friends in "Real Life" v. MySpace - The former overlaps with the latter but there is a big, salient difference betwen the two
  • Buying online offers convenience AND value
    • Purchasing is enabled by the availability of plastic - parents' debit and credit cards
    • Prices are better online because there's more transparency and information
There is much more to this truly fascinating (at least if you have a vested interest in online marketing) discussion, so check it out if you have the time.

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