Radical Transparency

Chris Anderson has a series of really interesting and provocative posts up about creating truly transparent media content and properties on the Web. Start here and read each of the posts that follow Take-aways:

  • Be where people are. Jeff Jarvis writes about this concept regularly. It's the notion that media must find where people are and take the information, video, music, games, etc. to them. The days of controlling the pipe are numbered.
  • Keep the door open. Giving readers, listeners, and/or viewers the opportunity to not only respond but also participate in the shaping of the content over time is a requirement. That's the only world kids and teens know today and the notion is spreading.
  • More is more. The more you share with your audience, as long as it's of value to some number of its members anyway, the more they will trust, respect, and value your contributions in return.
  • Wikis, Blogs, Web2.0 Mean 0. For most people, these words let alone the concepts behind them mean absolutely nothing and spark very little interest or curiosity. Nevertheless, the principles that Anderson calls out in this series of posts are what are driving the continued growth in the utilization of these technologies and systems as a means for individuals to express themselves and connect with others.
Do yourself and read his posts when you have a moment.

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