Google is an extension

When thinking about the experience you want people to have with your brand, your media, your product, your shopping experience, etc., one of the first things you should ask is how they are going to find "it" (whatever "it" is). The answer in most cases is search. Not the search on your site but rather the search out there. The Other search. The search owned, operated, and controlled by Google and others. In this sense Google is one of the most potentially powerful "features" your site can and should enable. SEO is the enablement of this feature. If your site doesn't pop on the first results page for the keywords you care about, then the feature is broken and it needs fixing. Potential customers won't find you and will go to a competitor instead. Search engine discoverability enabled through effective SEO is one of the core features your site needs in order to deliver an exceptional user experience. Make it so!

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