Web 2.0 Seattle Companies - The Roundup as of early 2007

Web 2.0... Web 3.0... (I'm personally waiting for someone to appoint themselves the true futurist of all things Internet and write an article about what Web 4.0 will be all about. Maybe it will be like the fashion industry and we'll just enter a continuously repeating cycle of mining trends from 15-20 years prior and Web 4.0 will kickoff in 2018 with another cycle of wacky niche online retailers, a la 1998....) Well, let's assume that at the moment we're still firmly in the middle of the Web 2.0 era. In line with that, John Cook over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer did another roundup recently of the long, distinguished list of Web 2.0 companies in the Pacific Northwest. An interesting read and a handy bookmark for people who like to "kick the tires" on a new company that they heard about over cocktails in Belltown... Here's the link to John's Pacific Northwest Web 2.0 company list. And, incidentally [begin self-promotion] Spring Creek Group is associated with a few companies on this list or soon to be on this list...[end self-promotion], so we're big fans and supporters of several of these local companies too. Cheers.

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