Is the Web 2.0 Party Over?

A portentous occurrence of late has been the increase in posts and articles about something called "Web 3.0". I suspect this is another a lengthening list of events that signal collectively the end of Web 2.0 as we know (?) it. (full disclosure I worked for a year for a company that was labeled proudly a Web 2.0 company) In any event, it will be interesting in the coming months and quarters to see what happens to the thousands of Web 2.0 companies out there that received positive attention from the Web 2.0 Kingmaker along the way and are still in search of big-time monetization opportunities as they await the call from the corp dev guys over at (pick one) Google, Yahoo, News Corp, IAC, Microsoft, ... Given the manageable burn (this isn't 99) of the well-run companies in this space and the still-low cost of VC capital, any shake-out will take time. Based on conversations I've had with some of the local VCs and CEOs, the commodity that is increasingly in limited supply is the patience of investors.

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Mathew Johnson said...

ha, investor patience in short supply, good forward looking insight - lately everything has been about how easy it is for crappy knockoff sites to attract capital.

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